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Packaged with Love

Posted on Apr 9, 2013 by in Blog | 0 comments


We design wedding invitations that not only reflect the importance of your day but also capture your personality as a couple. It’s a day you’ll never forget so we want you to create an invitation that will standout to your guests, and set the tone for whats to come!.


Here are some helpful tips, and a closer look at the process:

  1. We’ll work together to choose the style and colors that will fit your theme.
  2. Choose color combinations that reflect your wedding theme. Providing Nichole with some photo inspirations of your flowers, décor and bridesmaids dresses can help too.
  3. Choose wording that suites you and not tradition. Don’t be afraid to change wording around and personalize it to fit you.
  4. REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW. Be sure to proofread your invitations more than once and get a second set of eyes to help make sure everything is correct as well. Triple check that your spelling, addresses, dates are all correct prior to approving. Trust us it will save you some tears.
  5. Once you’ve signed off on everything, the printed product for each item is carefully proofed and approved by our team before being sent out to you!  Packaged with care, you can rest assured you’ll be receiving a beautiful end product.



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